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Speakeasy Iota is now available!

EMCC is pleased to announce that its latest release of Speakeasy, IV Iota, is now available for PC Linux, Windows, and Solaris platforms.  

Speakeasy Iota features many new operations and enhancements, improved documentation, and introduces our latest Gnome-based Graphical User Interface for Linux.  Iota has been engineered for improved productivity allowing its users to solve their numerical problems more efficiently.  

Speakeasy Iota gives its users more diverse options in graphical text output including super- and sub-scripts, bold, italics, and even Greek characters.  In addition, Speakeasy Iota includes a Ghostscript driver for viewing Postscript graphics interactively.  

New operations in Iota include GROUPDEVIATION, GROUPOPERATION, RANDOMORDER and SETINVERSE giving users more computational power.

Linux users will notice exciting new changes to the GUI.  With the new look of the GUI in Iota, Linux users will now have an adjustable two-paned window with normal input and output in the bottom pane and a read-only, adjustable length mirror in the top pane.  Other features of the new GUI allow the user to choose fonts and text color as well as have the ability to set bookmarks on input and output lines.  The improved Iota GUI also features the ability to print directly from Speakeasy.  

New Speakeasy documentation offers users tutorials in html format and an interactive index to help in the search for specific operations.  Users will also notice improvements to existing on-line help documents, making information easier to find.  This release of Speakeasy also includes user manuals in PDF format for easier on-line viewing as well as printing.  

Included with the Iota release are test versions of Speakeasy for HP-UX and Mac OS X.  These are being provided to allow users to beta test before their official release.  In addition, a preview release of Speakeasy which supports multi-dimensional objects is also available.  The inclusion of this preview version will give our users the opportunity to try out the new capabilities and share their comments and ideas with EMCC.

The user-friendly design of Iota makes Speakeasy the perfect tool to solve all of your numerical problems.

For information on Speakeasy Iota, contact spkinfo@speakeasy.com and request information or click here to download a free trial version.



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