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May 2006
EMCC reports Speakeasy compatible with Microsoft Vista
EMCC has tested the current production release of Windows Speakeasy on an Intel-based Workstation running Windows Vista.  We are pleased to announce that the results of all tests were successful.

October 5, 2002:
The production release
of Linux Speakeasy 
Theta available

EMCC is pleased to announce that the production release of Speakeasy Theta is now available for PC Linux platforms. The Linux version of Speakeasy corresponds to the Theta release of Speakeasy which is available on the Windows platforms as well as other Unix platforms. This version of Speakeasy has an enhanced graphical interface with expanded functionality. Another enhancement in the Linux version is the inclusion of a Ghostscipt graphics driver which allows users to interactively preview their postscript graphs.

The Linux platforms supported in this release are Debian 2.2_r6 "potato", Debian 3.0 "woody", Mandrake 8.x, Red Hat 7.x, SuSE 7.x, and SuSE 8.0. Although these platforms are the ones on which Speakeasy has been tested extensively, it is likely that this release will also work on other Linux distributions.

For information on obtaining a trial version of this exciting release, contact and request information on the Linux version.


June 15, 2000:
New Alliance

Speakeasy Computing Corporation (SCC) and Econometric Modeling & Computing Corporation (EMCC) are pleased to announce a joint venture undertaken to ensure the coordinated development of the Speakeasy Software of SCC and the Modeleasy+ software of EMCC. Letters announcing this new relationship are being sent to the current customers of Speakeasy. The text of the announcement letter follows.

July 1, 2000

We announce with great pleasure an alliance between Speakeasy Computing Corporation (SCC) and Econometric Modeling & Computing Corporation (EMCC). Beginning in May, 2000, EMCC assumed responsibility for the invoicing, servicing and support of the current customers of SCC as well as for the sales and marketing of the Speakeasy System. Responsibility for the development of the Speakeasy software will be shared by SCC and EMCC. This partnership is being undertaken to guarantee the high quality of the Speakeasy software for many years to come.

Stan Cohen, President of Speakeasy Computing Corporation, and William D. Teeters, President of Econometric Modeling & Computing Corporation, will continue the close collaboration that they have enjoyed for many years so that continuity of the Speakeasy software is preserved. Many of the current employees of SCC will move to EMCC to further guarantee continuity as Speakeasy moves into a new period in its history.

As a consequence of this relationship, the office of Speakeasy Computing Corporation in Chicago, IL, will be solely dedicated to the development of the Speakeasy software and all administrative functions will be transferred to the office of Econometric Modeling & Computing Corporation in Palm Harbor, FL. Of course, e-mail addressed to, as well as others at the Speakeasy domain will continue to be accepted and answered. All questions about billing, support, etc. should be addressed to EMCC at or


      Stan Cohen William D. Teeters
      President President
      Speakeasy Computing Corporation Econometric Modeling & 
Computing Corporation




Both Speakeasy and Modeleasy+ will share the new home page of EMCC. Visit this Web site and watch the evolution of this exciting undertaking by SCC and EMCC as it progresses.




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