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This page contains a list of software and documentation files made available by Econometric Modeling & Computing Corporation.  The links below will take you to the files available for download.  If you have any questions about these files please contact support@speakeasy.com.


Trial Version Downloads




The Speakeasy manuals are in PDF format and may be downloaded from this page.  These may be viewed with Acrobat Reader or any other viewer which is compatible with the PDF format.  To obtain a free copy of Acrobat Reader, go to the Adobe Web site, www.adobe.com and follow the directions for obtaining a copy of Acrobat Reader suitable for your platform.

To download a manual, click or right-click on the highlighted name of the manual.

Speakeasy Installation Instructions (222 kb)
The Speakeasy Getting Started Manual (733 kb)
The Speakeasy Guide for New Users Manual (526 kb)
The Speakeasy Graphics Manual (1.07 mb)
The Speakeasy Reference Manual (865 kb)
The Speakeasy Vocabulary Overview Manual (1.95 mb)
Speakeasy Buttons Instructions (for Windows only) (280 kb)
The Speakeasy Introduction to Linkule Writing Manual (1.47 mb)
The Speakeasy Advanced Topics in Linkule Writing (1.56 mb)



Speakeasy Vista Fix

(9.93 kb)




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