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About Speakeasy

Speakeasy is the remarkable and easy to learn computational application.


The Speakeasy language is user-friendly and intuitive.  Anyone who is familiar with the common words of mathematics will be able to use Speakeasy.  

Read on to learn more about Speakeasy's features:


Structured Objects

Speakeasy is based on the idea of structured, multiple-value variables or objects.  Speakeasy supports all of the standard types of structured objects - scalars, arrays, sets, time series, matrices and vectors - and can solve any arithmetic expression using these objects.  

Speakeasy includes several utilities/operations used for importing data from other computational and data applications.



 Speakeasy's complete vocabulary includes more than a thousand words, including operations for:
bulletlogical, conditional, and relational evaluations
bulletnumerical integration and differentiation
bulletdifferential equation solutions
bulletlinear and quadratic programming
bulletfast Fourier transformations
bulletstatistical analyses
bulletoptimization routines
bulletand many others!



Graphical Operations

Speakeasy's graphing operations are as easy to use as the rest of its operations.  A single word is typically used to create presentation-quality images.

Speakeasy provides powerful graphical operations to generate:
bulletscatter plots
bulletline graphs
bulletbar charts
bulletcontour plots
bulletand three-dimensional figures

Detailed information on graphical capabilities can be found in the Speakeasy Graphics Manual available for download.  Click here to go to the Download page.



Speakeasy can be used to develop new user-defined operations, in the form of a procedure.  A Speakeasy procedure is simply a collection of Speakeasy statements saved as an object which, in turn, can be executed with a single statement.  Because the intuitive Speakeasy language is used, you do not have to be trained in conventional programming to create a procedure.

Once created, a procedure eliminates repetitious input and greatly expands the power of Speakeasy.


Advanced Procedures

Speakeasy is designed to satisfy the needs of a diverse audience of users, including families, students, statisticians, economists, engineers, and researchers in the physical sciences.

Several operations are provided for creating advanced procedures with loops, branches and/or queries.  Since Speakeasy's numeric and graphical capabilities are fully integrated, you can also create applications with mouse-driven front ends.


Supported Platforms

Speakeasy is available on a number of hardware platforms.

It is possible to exchange data and programs developed within Speakeasy to other Speakeasy users, regardless of the hardware platform on which they were created.  From the user's viewpoint, there is no basic difference in the Speakeasy commands on the various machines. The implementation of Speakeasy only differs in the manner in which the capabilities of the hardware are exploited.

Speakeasy is supported on the following hardware platforms:

Personal Computers
Linux - RedHat, SuSE, Mandrake, Debian
Mac OS X 
Work Stations
IBM RISC System/6000
Sun Solaris

Mandrake Partner


Licensing  Information We offer Speakeasy licenses for both individual users and multiple-user sites. Our educational packages are highly discounted to degree-granting institutions. Of course, our free trial versions are available for interested parties.  If you have specific questions, simply email our Customer Care Department .  They are always available to answer your questions.





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